Romania Festivals Events Attracting Tourism

Romania, with its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture, is a hidden gem in Eastern Europe. One of the many reasons tourists flock to this enchanting country is its diverse and impressive festival scene. 

Festivals/Events Attracting Tourism in Romania

From electronic music extravaganzas to medieval reenactments, Romanian festivals have something for every traveler. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore 12 of the most captivating festivals and events that draw visitors from around the world.

1. UNTOLD in Cluj-Napoca (A Journey into the World of Electronic Music)

When: Early August 

Where: Cluj-Napoca 

Tickets: Starting at 99 Euro

UNDOLD, Romania's largest electronic music festival, is an electrifying experience that takes place over four days in Cluj-Napoca, one of Transylvania's picturesque cities. With an impressive lineup of world-renowned artists, bands, and DJs across four stages, UNTOLD has earned a global reputation for its incredible performances. Past headliners include David Guetta, Martin Garrix, and Armin Van Buuren. In 2023, the festival attracted over 300,000 participants from over 100 countries.

UNTOLD in Cluj-Napoca

Notably, DJ Mag ranked UNTOLD as the 9th best festival globally in its 2022 poll, overtaking more popular events like Burning Man and Lollapalooza. If you're planning to attend, book your tickets early to secure the best deals. Also, explore Cluj-Napoca's attractions, as it's Romania's second-largest city and a gateway to Transylvania's wonders.

2. Electric Castle at Banffy Castle (Cluj)(Music in a Medieval Wonderland)

When: Mid-July 

Where: Bontida, near Cluj-Napoca 

Tickets: Starting at 90 Euro

Electric Castle, set against the backdrop of the 15th-century Banffy Castle, is a unique music festival that offers a dynamic mix of music genres. With nine stages hosting electronic, rock, reggae, hip hop, and more, it's a five-day extravaganza for music lovers. The festival also provides a variety of activities, from workshops to special events. It's no wonder that it's been named the best medium-sized festival at the European Festival Awards.

 Electric Castle at Banffy Castle

Apart from the music, the historic setting adds to the festival's charm, making it a perfect place to discover local talent and immerse yourself in Romanian youth culture. Don't forget to explore the ruins of Banffy Castle and its lush surroundings.

3. Summer Well in Bucharest(Where Technology, Art, and Music Collide)

When: Mid-August 

Where: Near Bucharest 

Tickets: Around 116 Euro

Summer Well is not your typical music festival. Nestled near Bucharest, Romania's capital, it offers a unique blend of technology, art, and music. Besides music concerts, the festival aims to place itself in the spotlight of modern Romanian cultural life. 

Summer Well in Bucharest

Attendees can enjoy decorative arts workshops, augmented reality studios, and futuristic expressions of arts. With past headliners like Florence + The Machine, the Chemical Brothers, and Arctic Monkeys, it's a one-of-a-kind experience.

When you're not grooving to the music, consider exploring Bucharest's attractions, from the Old Town area to major communist landmarks.

4. NeverSea, by the Black Sea in Constanta(Electronic Beats on the Black Sea Shore)

When: Early July 

Where: Constanta 

Tickets: Starting at 49 Euro

NeverSea, set on the beach by the Black Sea in Constanta, is the premier summer festival for electronic music enthusiasts. With artists like Lost Frequencies, Sean Paul, Steve Aoki, and Rita Ora gracing the stage in previous editions, you can expect a high-energy experience. The festival offers various ticket options, including day passes and full festival access.

NeverSea, by the Black Sea in Constanta

Besides the music, the beautiful Black Sea setting adds a touch of magic to the event. Enjoy the sun, sea, and sand while dancing to your favorite beats.

5. Medias Medieval Festival(Step Back in Time in Transylvania)

When: July 9-11, 2023 

Where: Medias Medieval Citadel 

Tickets: Free or minimal cost

For history enthusiasts, the Medias Medieval Festival is a must-visit. Set in the heart of Transylvania, where medieval fortifications abound, this event provides a journey back in time. The festival includes workshops, feudal combat demonstrations, theater plays, and medieval music concerts that immerse you in the Middle Ages.

Medias Medieval Festival

Medias is easily accessible from cities like Sibiu and Cluj-Napoca, making it a convenient addition to your Romanian adventure.

6. Rockstadt Extreme Fest, in Rasnov(A Haven for Rock Music Fans)

When: Early August 

Where: Râșnov Fortress, near Brasov 

Tickets: Starting at 72 Euro

Rockstadt Extreme Fest is a rock music paradise that takes place on the grounds of Râșnov Fortress, close to the popular city of Brasov. Lasting for five days and featuring over 60 bands across three stages, it's a must-visit for rock enthusiasts. Past lineups included bands like Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, Mayhem, Trivium, and more.

Rockstadt Extreme Fest, in Rasnov

The festival offers day tickets and full festival passes, making it accessible for all rock music lovers. While attending, consider exploring Râșnov Fortress and the beautiful Transylvanian region.

7. Artmania, Sibiu(Where Art and Music Converge)

When: End of July 

Where: Great Square of Sibiu 

Tickets: Varies, with student discounts available

Artmania in Sibiu combines art and entertainment, offering a unique fusion of music genres, from psychedelic rock to neo-dark folk and progressive rock. Renowned artists like Porcupine Tree have graced the stage, making it a remarkable experience for music and art enthusiasts.

Artmania, Sibiu

While in Sibiu, don't miss the opportunity to explore its bohemian atmosphere and the city's many cultural attractions.

8. Sighisoara Medieval Festival(A Journey to the Middle Ages)

When: Annually 

Where: Sighisoara Citadel 

Tickets: Free or minimal cost

Sighisoara Medieval Festival is a popular annual event that transports visitors back in time. With medieval dances, theater, workshops, and parades of knights, ladies, warriors, and troubadours, the festival captures the spirit of the Middle Ages. Sighisoara Citadel, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the perfect backdrop for this historical reenactment.

Sighisoara Medieval Festival

You can reach Sighișoara by car or train from major Romanian cities like Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, and Brasov.

9. George Enescu International Festival, Bucharest(A Celebration of Classical Music)

When: Annually from late August to late September 

Where: Various venues in Bucharest 

Tickets: Various options, including student discounts

The George Enescu International Festival, named after the famous Romanian composer and violinist George Enescu, is a testament to Romania's deep appreciation for classical music. This month-long festival, held from late August to late September, showcases the best of classical music from around the world. Various philharmonic orchestras, classical music troupes, and talented musicians grace the stages of Bucharest, turning the city into a symphony of sound and culture.

George Enescu International Festival, Bucharest

Concerts take place at various iconic venues in Bucharest, with famous orchestras like the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Vienna Philharmonic, and the Royal Camerata Orchestra performing. The Romanian Atheneum, a landmark in Bucharest, becomes a hub of classical music, providing an intimate and acoustically stunning setting for performances.

Ticket options vary, with special discounts available for students, making it accessible to a broad audience. Whether you're an aficionado of classical music or a newcomer looking to experience the beauty of the genre, the George Enescu International Festival offers a world-class experience.

Explore the diverse program and plan your attendance at the festival to witness the magic of classical music in one of Europe's most captivating cities.

10. Jazz in the Park, Cluj-Napoca(A Harmonious Fusion of Jazz and Nature)

When: September 1-3, 2023 

Where: National Ethnographic Park "Romulus Vuia" in Cluj-Napoca 

Tickets: Around 76 Euro

For jazz enthusiasts, Jazz in the Park in Cluj-Napoca is a must-visit event. This festival features international jazz competitions and takes place in the tranquil and natural setting of the National Ethnographic Park "Romulus Vuia." Some of the world's most talented jazz artists, including the Cinematic Orchestra, Billy Cobham, and Mansur Brown, take the stage, providing a soothing and immersive musical experience.

Jazz in the Park, Cluj-Napoca

While you're there, don't miss the opportunity to explore traditional Romanian village houses and get to know more about Romanian culture.

11. SAGA Festival, Bucharest(An Electronic Wonderland at the Romaero Airport)

When: Annually in June 

Where: Romaero Airport, Bucharest 

Tickets: Various options, including early bird and day passes

SAGA Festival is an electronic music festival that takes place at the Romaero Airport in Bucharest. Although it's relatively new, SAGA has quickly gained popularity, attracting over 150,000 ravers across seven stages. The festival features headliners like Lil Nas X, Skrillex, Loreen, and Alan Walker. SAGA offers a variety of ticket options, allowing attendees to plan their festival experience.

SAGA Festival, Bucharest

If you're a fan of electronic music, this festival is a must-visit, offering an unforgettable open-air party at a unique venue.

12. Photo Romania Festival in Cluj-Napoca(Celebrating Photography and Art)

When: Annually in May 

Where: Cluj-Napoca 

Tickets: Varies depending on events and exhibitions

The Photo Romania Festival is a unique event that celebrates photography, art, and international acts. It takes place in Cluj-Napoca, a city known for hosting numerous events, earning it the informal nickname of the biggest festival city in Europe. The festival typically lasts for the month of May and features more than 70 exhibitions by Romanian and foreign artists.

Photo Romania Festival in Cluj-Napoca

In addition to exhibitions, the festival includes appearances by foreign photographers, a photo stories conference, and an international meeting of the managers of photography festivals. It's a must-visit for photography and art enthusiasts who want to explore Cluj-Napoca and its creative atmosphere.

Plan Your Romanian Festival Adventure

Romania's diverse and impressive festival scene offers a myriad of experiences that cater to a wide range of interests. Whether you're a music lover, history enthusiast, art aficionado, or simply a traveler looking to immerse yourself in local culture, Romania's festivals have something special for you.

Before you embark on your Romanian festival adventure, consider the following tips:

  • Book Tickets Early: Many festivals offer early-bird discounts, so plan your visit and secure your tickets in advance.
  • Accommodation: Check for accommodations near the festival venues and book your stay early, especially if you're attending a popular event.
  • Explore the Surroundings: Take time to discover the local attractions, historical sites, and natural beauty around the festival locations. Romania is a land of rich history and stunning landscapes.

Whether you're dancing to electronic beats, reveling in the Middle Ages, or enjoying the harmony of jazz, Romania's festivals offer unforgettable experiences that will leave you with lasting memories of this remarkable country. So pack your bags, put on your festival attire, and get ready for a journey through Romania's lively and diverse festival scene.

Exploring Romania's Countryside Festivals and Events

Romania's vibrant cultural scene isn't confined to its urban areas; the countryside offers a diverse range of festivals and events that provide a unique window into the nation's heritage. 

From film and theater to gastronomy and Saxon culture, these rural gatherings are a testament to Romania's rich and multifaceted traditions. Below, we highlight some of the upcoming countryside events that are sure to captivate travelers.

Film în Sat (Film in the Village)

Dates: August 1st to August 6th Location: Peștișani, Gorj County

Film în Sat (Film in the Village) is an initiative by actor Cuzin Toma, renowned for his roles in Romanian cinema. This event aims to bring rural residents closer to film, contemporary culture, and art. 

In its second edition, the festival offers a diverse program, including film screenings, theater performances, live concerts, and creative workshops. Visitors can also engage in meetings with actors, directors, visual artists, and musicians. The event is open to the public, making it an accessible and enriching experience for all. For more details, visit the festival's website.

Haferland Week - Discover 'Oat Country'

Dates: August 3rd to August 6th Location: Various Saxon Villages in Transylvania

The 'Oat Country,' a region in Transylvania where locals have cultivated oats due to the harsh climate, hosts the annual Haferland Week. This event, held for over a decade, aims to attract Transylvanian Saxons back to their homeland and introduce tourists to the region's unique heritage. 

The program includes a variety of activities such as concerts, religious services in the fortified churches, film screenings, and photography exhibitions. It's an opportunity to hear the stories of a community that has left an indelible mark on the region.

Mera World Music Festival

Dates: August 3rd to August 6th Location: Mera, Țara Călatei/Kalotaszeg, near Cluj

The Mera World Music Festival, set in the village of Mera, offers a mesmerizing blend of folk music, klezmer, urban gypsy music, Latin-American rhythms, and Balkan melodies. Its aim is to showcase the magic of the Kalotaszeg region while bringing a taste of world music to Mera's backyards. The festival's diverse lineup promises a cultural fusion, making it an extraordinary experience for attendees. Regular bus rides from Cluj-Napoca to Mera ensure easy access to the event.

Holzstock Festival in Hosman

Dates: August 18th to August 20th Location: Hosman, Sibiu County

The ninth edition of the Holzstock Festival is set in the charming village of Hosman in Sibiu County. The festival's program includes a mix of concerts, workshops, local food, and a laid-back atmosphere. 

With performers like Orkind, Cardinal, Bad Decisions, and The Nuggers, festival-goers are in for a memorable musical journey. Camping facilities for tents and trailers are available for those who want to immerse themselves fully in the festival experience.

Smida Jazz Festival

Dates: August 18th to August 20th Location: Near Smida, Beliș, Cluj County

Smida Jazz Festival invites jazz enthusiasts to three days of contemporary jazz concerts in the stunning setting of the Apuseni Mountains. Beyond the music, attendees can participate in workshops, yoga classes, guided bike tours, and various activities in the nearby forest. This festival offers a unique blend of jazz and nature, making it a perfect getaway for those seeking harmony and culture.

Hoghilag – The Land of Tuberoses

Dates: August 19th to August 20th Location: Hoghilag, near Sighișoara

Hoghilag – The Land of Tuberoses is an event that celebrates the region's flower-growing tradition. This year, it has been postponed due to a cold spring that delayed the blooming of the flowers. 

The festival typically includes guided tours in the tuberose gardens, musical performances, cultural events, and opportunities to sample local products. Hoghilag, situated just 16 km from Sighișoara, also boasts a centuries-old fortified church in the village of Valchid.

Taste of Transylvania

Dates: September 14th to September 17th Location: Ghimeș, Lunca de Sus, Harghita County

The Taste of Transylvania event is a culinary celebration of the region, set in Ghimeș, Lunca de Sus, in Harghita County. Chefs, restaurateurs, and local producers gather to showcase the tastes, aromas, and dishes of Transylvania. 

This event offers a unique opportunity to explore the gastronomy of the region, from traditional dishes to contemporary culinary creations.

A Calendar of Traditional Festivals

Romania is a land where ancient traditions and folkways continue to thrive, celebrating the changing seasons, religious holidays, and life-cycle events. These festivals, some dating back centuries, offer a glimpse into the country's rich cultural tapestry. 

From the attire worn by participants to the steps of their dances, the traditions remain meticulously preserved, allowing visitors to step back in time and witness the living history of Romania.


Sâmbra Oilor

Where: Negrești-Oaș, Maramures county (NW Romania) 

When: Second weekend in May

Sâmbra Oilor is a festival that marks the departure of sheep herds to graze in the mountain pastures. It's a picturesque celebration of rural life, with shepherds guiding their flocks to fresh pastures in the stunning landscapes of Maramures.

Revino Wine Show

Where: Bucharest 

When: May

The Revino Wine Show is Romania's premier wine event, offering a fantastic opportunity for wine enthusiasts to explore and discover the country's finest wines. Winemakers from across Romania come together to showcase their vintages, making it a must-visit for wine lovers.


The Traditional Crafts Fair - Bucharest

Where: Bucharest, Village Museum

At the Traditional Crafts Fair in Bucharest, artisans and crafts enthusiasts from all over Romania gather at the Village Museum. They offer free demonstrations of traditional woodcarving, rug weaving, textile weaving, embroidery, pottery molding, glass blowing, and egg painting, among others. It's a perfect opportunity to witness and learn about Romania's rich handicraft traditions.


Maidens' Fair (Târgul de Fete)

Where: Gaina Mountain Plateau, Alba County (Transylvania) 

When: Third weekend in July

The Maidens' Fair is a century-old matchmaking festival where villagers in traditional costume ascend Gaina Mountain Plateau for traditional music, dancing, feasting, and the possibility of finding a mate. It's a colorful celebration of love, tradition, and rural life in Transylvania.

Sighisoara Festival of Medieval Arts and Crafts (Festivalul Medieval Sighișoara)

Where: Sighișoara, Mures county (Transylvania) 

When: Last weekend in July

The Sighisoara Festival of Medieval Arts and Crafts is a three-day celebration that recreates the atmosphere of medieval Sighisoara. It features arts, crafts, music, and festivities that transport visitors back in time to the Middle Ages, offering a unique experience of Transylvania's rich history.


Sibiu Traditional Crafts Fair / Craftspeople Festival

Where: Sibiu 

When: Mid-August

The Sibiu Traditional Crafts Fair provides a unique opportunity for visitors to learn traditional folk art. Renowned folk artists offer free workshops in pottery molding, textile embroidery, woodcarving, and more. It's a hands-on experience that immerses you in the world of traditional crafts.

Dance at Prislop (Hora de la Prislop)

Where: Prislop Pass, Maramures county 

When: Usually the first weekend following August 15

The Dance at Prislop is a traditional celebration that brings together the regions of Transylvania, Moldova, and Maramures. Villagers don traditional costumes and parade to Prislop Pass in the Carpathian Mountains. They participate in traditional dances, singing, and feasting, highlighting the unity and diversity of Romania's cultural heritage.


Răvășitul Oilor

Where: Bran, Brasov county

When: Last weekend in September

Răvășitul Oilor is a festival that marks the return of sheep herds from grazing in the mountain pastures. The sheep's return is celebrated with music, dance, and traditional festivities in the village of Bran, offering a glimpse into rural life in Transylvania.

George Enescu Classical Music Festival (biennial)

Where: Bucharest 

When: End August - End September

The George Enescu Classical Music Festival is a prestigious biennial event that fills the air with classical melodies. World-renowned orchestras, conductors, and chamber ensembles perform in Bucharest, making it a must-visit for classical music enthusiasts. This festival showcases the best in classical music.


Revino Gourmet Show

Where: Bucharest

When: End of October

The Revino Gourmet Show is a celebration of Romania's finest cheeses, cured meats, and wines. Leading producers from across the country present their products, allowing visitors to indulge in the rich flavors and culinary traditions of Romania.

Halloween in Transylvania

Shows and parties related to Bram Stoker's novel character, Count Dracula, provide a unique and thrilling experience for those fascinated by the world of the undead.


Christmas Markets

Where: Most major cities in Romania

When: End of November - December

Christmas Markets in Romania offer a festive and joyful atmosphere, with beautifully decorated stalls, seasonal treats, and handmade crafts. It's the perfect place to experience the warmth of the holiday season.

Festivals of Christmas Traditions

Where: Sighetu Marmatiei

When: December 26

The Festivals of Christmas Traditions in Sighetu Marmatiei showcase the unique customs and rituals of the region. Visitors can witness the rich folklore, music, and traditions that define the holiday season in Maramures.

Romania's traditional festivals offer a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in the country's ancient heritage and vibrant culture. 

While some festival dates remain consistent, others change from year to year, so it's advisable to check the schedules before planning your trip. For the latest updates and detailed information on these festivals, you can refer to the RomaniaTourism Calendar of Events or contact the nearest Consulate of Romania.


  1. What are the traditional festivals celebrated in Romania throughout the year?

Romania hosts a variety of traditional festivals throughout the year, including Sâmbra Oilor, Revino Wine Show, the Traditional Crafts Fair in Bucharest, Maidens' Fair (Târgul de Fete), Sighisoara Festival of Medieval Arts and Crafts, Sibiu Traditional Crafts Fair, Dance at Prislop (Hora de la Prislop), Răvășitul Oilor, George Enescu Classical Music Festival, Revino Gourmet Show, Halloween in Transylvania, Christmas Markets, and Festivals of Christmas Traditions.

  1. Where can I witness traditional crafts in Romania?

The Traditional Crafts Fair in Bucharest, Sibiu Traditional Crafts Fair, and the Sighisoara Festival of Medieval Arts and Crafts are excellent places to witness traditional crafts in Romania. Renowned artisans offer free demonstrations of various traditional crafts, including woodcarving, textile embroidery, pottery molding, and more.

  1. What is the Maidens' Fair in Romania, and when does it take place?

The Maidens' Fair, known as Târgul de Fete, is a century-old matchmaking festival where villagers in traditional costumes gather at Gaina Mountain Plateau. This festival features traditional music, dancing, feasting, and the opportunity for young people to find a mate. It usually takes place on the third weekend in July.

  1. Can I learn about Romanian wine at the Revino Wine Show?

Absolutely! The Revino Wine Show is Romania's premier wine event, offering a fantastic opportunity to explore the country's finest wines. Winemakers from across Romania come together to showcase their vintages, making it a must-visit for wine enthusiasts.

  1. What is the Dance at Prislop (Hora de la Prislop) and where does it happen?

The Dance at Prislop is a traditional celebration that unites three of Romania's main regions: Transylvania, Moldova, and Maramures. Villagers parade in traditional costume to Prislop Pass in the Carpathian Mountains, where they participate in traditional dances, singing, and feasting. It usually takes place on the first weekend following August 15.

  1. When does the George Enescu Classical Music Festival take place in Romania?

The George Enescu Classical Music Festival is a biennial event that occurs from the end of August to the end of September in Bucharest. It features world-renowned orchestras, conductors, and chamber ensembles performing classical music.

  1. What can I expect at the Halloween in Transylvania event?

Halloween in Transylvania offers shows and parties related to Bram Stoker's novel character, Count Dracula. It's a thrilling experience for those fascinated by the world of the undead and a chance to immerse yourself in the legend of Dracula.

  1. How can I stay updated about the latest festival schedules and details in Romania?

To stay updated on the latest festival schedules and details in Romania, you can refer to the RomaniaTourism Calendar of Events or contact the nearest Consulate of Romania. These sources provide comprehensive information about the festivals happening throughout the year.


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