Romania Top Outbound Destinations

As Romania's travel and tourism industry continues to recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, outbound trips from the country are on the rise. If you want to visit Romania, you will need a Romanian visa.

This surge in outbound travel can be attributed to pent-up demand among Romanian travelers and increased confidence in COVID-19 protocols. 

Young woman on cliff's edge in Romanian Carpathian mountains near Transfagarasan Road

According to insights from GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, understanding the outbound travel destinations from Romania is crucial for both the Romanian source market and the destinations themselves.

 In this report, we delve into Romania's top outbound destinations and the trends shaping this market.

1. Growth in Outbound Travel

In 2022,international departures from Romania saw a remarkable 69% increase. This surge indicates a strong desire among Romanian citizens to resume their travel plans and explore destinations beyond their borders. 

As the global situation improves, more Romanians are venturing abroad for leisure and business purposes.

2. Diversity in Outbound Destinations

Unlike some countries where outbound travel is dominated by a handful of popular destinations, Romania's outbound travel market is characterized by diversity. 

While there is no single dominant destination, a prominent trend is intraregional travel, with the majority of Romanian travelers choosing European destinations for their trips.

3. European Preferences

Romanian travelers show a strong preference for European destinations, with ten of the top ten most popular destinations located within the continent. 

European countries offer a rich tapestry of cultures, histories, and landscapes, making them attractive options for Romanian tourists.

4. Key Outbound Destinations

The top outbound destinations from Romania, as highlighted in GlobalData's "Travel & Tourism in Romania" report, include:

a. Greece

Known for its stunning islands, ancient history, and Mediterranean cuisine, Greece is a perennial favorite among Romanian travelers.

A grown man standing on white semi-circular roof-top classic Greek home. Looking at the panorama of the village on the rocks. Santorini. Greece

b. Italy

Italy's art, history, architecture, and exquisite cuisine make it a timeless destination for Romanian tourists.

Manarola overlook Mediterranean Sea with buildings over cliff in Cinque Terre, Italy

c. Hungary

Proximity and cultural ties make Hungary a convenient and attractive destination for Romanians.

Szechenyi Chain Bridge at morning time. Budapest, Hungary

d. Turkey

Turkey's unique blend of Eastern and Western influences, along with its beautiful coastline, draws Romanian visitors.

Turkey Galata Bridge is one of the famous entertainment place in Istanbul All daily city tours in Istanbul include this bridge as it is the passageway to the Old City

e. United Kingdom

The UK's historical landmarks, diverse cities, and cultural attractions continue to captivate Romanian travelers.

African man in africa traditional shirt on autumn park with Great Britain flag

5. Identifying Growth Markets

Understanding the relative popularity of these destinations is essential for both the Romanian travel industry and the destinations themselves. 

Additionally, identifying high-potential destinations outside the top ten can help stakeholders tap into emerging growth markets. 

Destination marketing efforts can be tailored to align with the current preferences of Romanian travelers, enhancing their appeal and attracting more visitors.

In conclusion, Romania's outbound travel sector is witnessing a resurgence, with a diverse range of destinations capturing the interest of Romanian travelers. As confidence in travel protocols grows, it's crucial for both Romania and its desired destinations to adapt and cater to the evolving preferences of Romanian tourists. 

This understanding will enable stakeholders to better promote these destinations and foster sustainable growth in Romania's outbound travel market. For more comprehensive analysis and insights on Romania's outbound travel market, consider purchasing GlobalData's "Travel & Tourism in Romania" report.

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